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CPD Training 
for School Staff, 
Social Workers and Foster Carers

We know it can be difficult to take time out for training, so we offer CPD options that are flexible and tailored to you.

Training topics


We offer bitesize 60-minute training for some of the following topics. These can be delivered during a lunch hour or after school. Most training is best delivered as a half-day or full-day session.

  • Demystifying Behaviour

  • Understanding ADHD

  • Understanding Autism and Social Communication Difficulties

  • Helping Learners to be Calm, Confident and Motivated

  • Working with Disengaged Young People

  • Helping Young People Make the Right Decisions

  • Attachment and Trauma

  • Teenage Brain Development

  • How can Teachers Work Best with Teenagers?

  • Understanding Executive Functioning

  • Memory

  • Whole-school Training: Understanding What Children in Care Need

  • Training for New Designated Teachers on SEND and Children Looked After (CLA)

  • Auditory Processing Development

  • Understanding How We Learn

  • Understanding Emotional Resilience

  • Listening to Children / Young People and Hearing What is Said – Resources to Try

  • What is SEND?

  • SEND Processes for EHCP Requests

  • Let's Talk it Through – Using Solution Circles

  • Let's Talk about the Plan Going Forward 

PATHs (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) and MAP (Making Action Plans) are techniques used by Educational Psychologists to help look forward. They draw on people's ability to visualise positive futures and to plan backwards from a future vision or dream.

Staff Wellbeing Training

  • ​The Impact of Caring and Working with Complex Young People

  • Understanding the Emotional Wellbeing of your Staff

  • Incorporating Mindfulness

  • Creating a Strong Workforce

  • Understanding the Benefits of Supervision

Training for Teacher Recruitment Companies

We also work with teaching recruitment companies to enhance their consultants' understanding, thereby ensuring they place the best candidate in each position:

  • Working with consultants to enhance their understanding of SEND and school systems

  • Working with overseas teachers when they arrive in the UK helping them to develop their understanding of the UK school system, SEND and behaviour

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