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Educational Psychology Services for Virtual Schools

We offer a mix of consultation support and consultancy for virtual school staff, heads and leadership teams.

Assessments for virtual school students


Cognitive Assessments 

  • Give us detailed information on how a person learns best while identifying their strengths and difficulties.

Literacy Assessments 

  • Identify specific difficulties with literacy. Literacy assessments can include a reading, spelling, writing and/or comprehension assessment depending on the difficulties that a young person is experiencing.

  • In combination with additional information provided by the young person’s education setting, they can help to identify a specific learning difficulty (such as dyslexia).

Numeracy Assessments 

  • Identify specific difficulties with numeracy. If the need is specific to only numeracy, then the assessment may indicative of dyscalculia.

Memory Assessments 

  • Memory ability impacts how we access instructions and carry out day-to-day tasks. We can assess and clarify a person’s memory profile, which will help in understanding how best to teach a young person in line with their strengths and learning profile.

Executive Functioning Assessments 

  • Executive functions are a set of mental skills you use in day-to-day life to help you get things done. Executive functions are controlled by the frontal lobes of the brain. Executive function helps us to manage time, pay attention, initiate and monitor tasks, switch focus, plan ahead and organise ourselves and our materials.

Virtual school support and consultancy


Support for Virtual School Heads & Leadership Teams 

Including coaching and supervision opportunities.

Conference Support 

For example, we can deliver as part of your conference days as a keynote speaker.

Telephone Consultations

These can be used as opportunities to discuss casework or to support multiagency working.

Blocks of Consultancy Support 

Please see our Schools packages, which Virtual schools can also access.

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